Getting Real about Radon: A Poem

Your breath is at risk
Many people don’t know
Have you heard of Radon Gas?
Below freezing, it glows! 

First Uranium from glaciers,
Then Radium, broken down
Radon is their ugly child
lurking in the ground

The risks of Radon are real,
Just ask the EPA
It wreaks havoc in our precious lungs,
And damages DNA.

Trapped in our bronchials,
Tangled in tender tissue,
Radon cripples lung cells,
Making health an issue.

Radon may be in your house,
You won’t know until you test.
Find the link below
The ‘Alpha Track’ is best

Also, since we’re sharing
A third of Illinois homes test high.
The Radon Man can help you!
But just who is this guy?

Dave Masa mitigates Radon,
Pulling it from the ground,
He brings it to the atmosphere
To be sure you’re safe and sound.

Why should he come to your home?
Why should you even care?
Because Radon causes cancer
And poisons our precious air!

So I say, dear friend, lets get educated!
And free ourselves from fear
The first step is to GET TESTED!
Then, know help is near.

Stay tuned for more to you from me,
Your Radon Connoisseur
I’ll keep you posted on all the facts
To ensure your air is pure 🙂


Alpha Track Radon Test Kit: from

  1. September 23, 2020 at 21:09

    This is actually pretty great! Can't believe i've never seen this before. Good stuff!

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