History of Radon Reduction Systems, Inc.

Dave and Vickie Masa of Naperville, IL founded Radon Reduction Systems, Inc., in 1991. Since then the company has successfully mitigated over 15,000 homes. In the late 1980s Dave worked as a State Licensed Plumber and Vickie worked as a Realtor. Dave started to see the need for Radon Mitigation in new construction and existing homes. At the same time Vickie started to hear about radon at the office and how many buyers were refusing to close on homes unless a radon reduction system was installed. Soon they both left their jobs and started RRS, Inc. together.

Dave Masa

Dave, The Radon Man™, is a 35 year resident of Naperville, Illinois. Him and his wife Vickie founded Radon Reduction Systems Inc. in 1991. Dave, his father & 2 brothers at one time were a part of a union plumbing family. Parting ways in 1994 with the plumbing union, Dave became a full time Radon Mitigation Contractor. Going from a State Licensed Plumber to Radon Mitigation was a natural fit. With 17 years of residential plumbing experience and training provided by IEMA as a State Licensed Radon Contractor, Dave knows Radon Reduction Systems, Inc. offers a quality product that our customers can feel confident in!
  • 1977 - 1981 Apprentice Plumber with Local 514
  • 1981 – 1984 Journeyman Plumber
  • 1984 – 1988 Plumbing Foreman
  • 1988 – 1991 Plumbing Superintendent, & a Union Apprentice Plumbing Instructor
  • 1991 – Present Licensed Radon Contractor & Owner of Radon Reduction Systems, Inc.

Vickie Masa

Vickie has been married to Dave, The Radon Man™ for over 42 years. In 1988 Vickie acquired her Illinois Real Estate License and saw a need for Radon Mitigation! Using this knowledge and experience Vickie and Dave founded Radon Reduction Systems, Inc. in 1991. Vickie has and will continue to keep the company up to date with the latest in technology to help RRS Inc. run smoothly each day! Since retiring from the School District in 2015 – Vickie works full time in the Radon Office. Vickie answers the phone each day to help with any Radon questions providing a Professional Radon Quote, schedules all future Radon Mitigation Jobs, tends to Daily Service Calls, plus she makes sure that all emails are answered in a timely manner! Dedicating herself each day as the Vice President & Purchasing Agent of her company, Radon Reduction System, Inc., has not only been very fulfilling, but working each day with her husband Dave, she promises to work hard each day to make Radon Reduction System Inc., the Best Company Ever!



Brandon brings to our team over four years as a Licensed Radon Mitigation Technician, plus was certified in HVAC when he lived in Kansas. He moved to Illinois with his family in 2012. Brandon enjoys the daily challenge of installing Radon Mitigation Systems! He is a strong believer in Indoor Air Quality, so between his HVAC knowledge and his passion for Radon Mitigation, together it makes Brandon a “Perfect Fit” for our company! In Brandon’s free time, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife Lauren and his three amazing children.

Rebecca Masa Wise

Dave and Vickie Masa welcome their oldest daughter, Rebecca Masa Wise, to Radon Reduction Systems, Inc as Health Outreach Coordinator. Growing up in Naperville, Rebecca remembers the palpable passion her parents had for their small business and the hard work and dedication it has taken to grow their company to become one of the most reputable Radon Mitigators in the state of Illinois. In High School, Rebecca would join her dad on jobs as the “Radon Girl”, which gave her a deep respect for the craftsmanship of each and every job The Radon Man completed. Over time, she pursued her degree in Spanish from Illinois State University, then went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of Illinois at Chicago. Rebecca seeks to expand the community’s perception of Radon beyond the real estate transaction, framing it as a personal and family wellness issue. Just as we would not want lead in our drinking water or asbestos in our floors, we should be proactive about removing Radon from our homes to avoid exposure to the cancerous radioactive elements contained in Radon gas. Rebecca strategizes to provide outreach and education via social media and connecting with health-focused individuals and organizations in Naperville and surrounding communities. Look for videos of the Radon Man in action and check out upcoming blogs highlighting the importance of Radon Mitigation in committing to a healthy lifestyle! Don’t put your family’s health at risk, get tested and call the Radon Man!

Our Mission

To create a healthier home environment for families by providing Radon Mitigation Services. Our State Licensed Radon Technicians guarantee our installed systems will keep your indoor radon level below 4.0pCi/L for 5 years!


  • Dave installed an active radon mitigation system for us 11 years ago when we bought our house. The fan motor failed within the 5-year warranty period and he happily replaced it for free with no questions. That replacement motor lasted 8 years and we just had him out to replace it. I would have expected his fee to increase over the last 11 years but it didn't. Since this motor runs 24/7, I was surprised that we got those 8 years out of it. He spent plenty of time with me discussing another radon mitigation issue which he then fixed at no extra charge. He encouraged us to get another radon test and promised that if there was any problem he'd fix it for free. It is very rare to run across anyone who stands behind his work as well as Dave does. I recommend without hesitation.

    Boomer B.
    Boomer B., Chicago
  • It was completed flawlessly. From the moment I spoke to Dave through the quote process and the implementation, it was totally professional. The area around the system is neat, caulked and perfectly clean.

    Happy Customer
    Happy Customer, Naperville

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