Clean Air: Bringing Gratitude to our Healthy Lungs

Take a moment to consider your breath.

Watch it, the rise and fall of your chest, the way your clothes change form.

Feel it through your belly, your heart, the tops of your collarbone. 

The air moves in and out of you,

Without effort,

With a sense of ease, almost grace.

Our breath is what makes us alive, and without it

We are as dead as the maple leaves from last September

Yet unlike the maple leaves from yesteryear

We are revived, time and time again.

Beat by beat, year by year.

Our breath remains.


Now you’re in that gentle space, reflecting on your breath.

Maybe even feeling a special kind of gratitude rising from within.

What would you do to protect your breath, the air around you?


Would you gather fresh air from your favorite wild refuge?

Or scoop it up at the beach on the sweetest of summer days?

What if clean, fresh air were a commodity, to be bought at the Corner Store?

Or the local Whole Foods?


Our air goes unnoticed, more oftentimes than not, as vital as it is.  Out of sight, it is invisible.  Out of mind, it cannot remain.

The time is now to care about the quality of air we nourish our bodies with.

The time is now to talk about Radon Gas and what it’s doing to our nation’s health.

Join me, your Radon Connoisseur, as we use the gratitude we have cultivated here to honor our breath and protect our bodies.

Let’s start by learning more about Radon, the colorless, odorless naturally occurring gas that damages our lungs and can make us sick.

Be fearless, my friends!  With knowledge comes power! I’ll hold your hand and make it easy, and we’ll come up with a solution together.

Lets take care to make sure the air in our homes is clean and Radon free, to ensure many more healthy breaths for years to come. 🙂

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